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Dear Kerry,

Due to your kindness in straightening me out last week as to how to contact Sally Kelley, I had two delightful visits with her on the phone.  I was very impressed with her integrity and sincerity. As you probably know, she could charge considerably more for her exceptional dogs, but simply refuses to raise her prices. People like that are few and far between these days. I told her quite frankly that her prices were too low, but, as you undoubtedly know, she is far more interested in finding homes where her dogs will be a part of the family, than in making a big profit. She was completely open and candid. She said what mean, and she meant exactly what she said. She was charming, and extremely well-informed. We even got into a discussion of politics. Simply by those long distance phone calls, I felt I could trust her completely. So, rather than merely sending her a deposit, I sent her full payment in advance, over her protests, and she will pick out a chocolate male puppy that she feels is best-suited for the therapy dog work I love to do in my spare time. I have three Delta Society International certified therapy dogs now, but will need a couple more when I retire soon. I use only Labs. I may buy a second Lab from Sally later in the year. I have dealt with lots of breeders over the years. the great majority of them are good, honest, helpful people, but, unless I am badly mistaken, none rank ahead of Sally.


Dear Sally Kelley,

I want to first thank you for the greatest addition to our family. We adopted Sassy in 1994. Her parents were Blondella Beau Ranger and Kellygreen's Starling. She was the sweetest, most loving, smart dog. She did her job as protector and the more important listener and best friend. I truely believe that my children have grown up to be loving and caring human beings because of her. Last night we had to let her go. She had a wonderful life and made mine so much better. I just wanted to let you know she did her job well, and you should be proud.

Thank you so much,

Kathleen H.

Dear Sally,

The R*** family has had the good fortune to own four exceptional labradors from Kelleygreen. The quality of form and disposition of these animals brought companionship, comfort and pride to our family.

We now welcome the two newest members of our family. Thank you for your skill and dedication that produces the finest dogs that we have ever known. Understand that we will love and protect these puppies in the Kelleygreen tradition.

Yours truly,

John R.


In 1988, I was two years old, and my parents decided their three children - of which I am the youngest - needed a playmate, a protector, and something to teach them responsibility. I can still remember when we drop up to Kelleygreen Kennels in Pa. I remember the sounds, the smells, and - as I was only toddling - one HUGE male black lab.

My mom said she wanted a black female. I remember you bringing out a big box and tipping it over at her feet. Let the games begin. Mom dutifully picked up each puppy, played with them, put the on their backs... and yet, everytime she looked down, there was this little black fluff ball with a green collar and blue eyes sitting on her foot. Look at another puppy, this one would sit on her feet. Jessie never outgrew that. She was one of the most amazing creatures I have ever known, and - while I know you are proud of your dogs - you ought to know what an impact that make in the lives of families. She died when I turned 17. She could not have been a better dog.

Before she died, we reached out to you again, and you sent us a (BIG!) beautiful chocolate lab from Nevada. Shilow is such a good-natured, playful dog, and she is doing really well. She will be 8 this year! I am in my own household now, and I want you to know that, WHEN I am ready for a lab... and my husband doesn't know it, but someday we are getting a lab ;)... I will not go through ANY breeder but you. I wanted to thank you, personally, because I didn't get to do it while toddling around with the puppies in PA. We appreciate your commitment to your animals, and to your new families.

Thank you for being a reliable, honest breeder, who gave our family two wonderful canine members. I look forward to doing business with you when I have a toddler of my own :)


Maria P.



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